KNH Centre for Biomedical Egyptology

Facilities and resources

PCR kit

Mummy Tissue Bank: a substantial collection of samples, histological slides and wax mounted blocks of human tissue from a variety of ancient civilisations that practiced mummification. The collection is currently used in research of the KNH Centre and is also available for external researchers. Please contact the KNH Centre for further details.

Grafton Elliot Smith Nubian skeletal collection: the KNH Centre houses a collection of Nubian skeletal material excavated during the Archaeological Survey of Nubia (1907-1911) by noted anatomist Grafton Elliot Smith. For more information, please see the previous Wellcome funded research project Revisiting the Archaeological Survey of Nubia.

Faunal Collection: donated via the Manchester Museum and from current research projects within the University of Manchester, the faunal collection holds skeletal material from a variety of British and North African species used as comparative material for research projects and teaching.

Imaging Suite: the Centre has a dedicated digital imaging laboratory containing portable high resolution surface scanning and radiography units for image acquisition, a 3D printer, computer graphics workstations and high-capacity network data storage. Databases of digitised plain radiographs and CT images of ancient Egyptian mummified remains are available for researchers to study.

Biological preparation lab: a fully equipped laboratory suitable for preparative work and experimental research, including collagen preparation for stable isotope analysis and the replication of experimental mummification on modern animal cadavers.

Research library: subject specific books and journals concerning the art, archaeology and biomedical study of ancient Egypt and Nubia, in addition to research dissertations and theses completed at the KNH Centre.

Partnership with Central Manchester University Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust: oversized and wrapped mummified remains studied by the KNH Centre make use of the clinical imaging suite (both digital x-ray and CT) at the Manchester Royal Infirmary and the Manchester Children’s Hospital. This partnership has been in place for over ten years and employs the expertise of Prof Judith Adams and a team of NHS radiographers and technicians.

Central services: the Faculty of Biology, Medicine and Health provides access to analytical services including a range of analytical, histological and microimaging facilities, including light and electron microscopy and microCT, currently used by doctoral and post-doctoral researchers at the KNH Centre.