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Facial reconstruction

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With its partnership in universities and research centres around the UK and internationally, the KNH Centre benefits from access to the latest technologies.

Manchester mummy 1770

Unwrapped: the investigation of Manchester Mummy 1770

The project will examine the techniques used to study human remains, what can be learnt about the health and disease of individuals and ancient populations using these techniques and how such studies are evolving in response to scientific advances.

The Perth Mummy

The Perth Mummy Project

The findings of an investigation of a previously unexamined, wrapped Egyptian mummy from the Perth Museum and Art Gallery, Scotland.

Radiograph of a modern naturally mummified domestic cat.

The Ancient Egyptian Animal Bio Bank Project

This project aims to combine known records with new research to broaden current knowledge and increase understanding of animal specimens, and how they were born out of the religious beliefs of the time.