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‘Gifts for the Gods: Animal Mummies Revealed’ won the Exhibition of the Year in the CityLife Awards 2015!

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Perth mummy starts to shed her secrets (

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Scientists to scan Perth mummy 3,000 years after death (BBC News)

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Egyptologists revisit a founding father
(01 Mar 2010)
The University of Manchester and the Natural History Museum in London are to revisit the work of anthropologist Sir Grafton Elliot Smith and set up a publicly available website on his excellent but as yet overlooked work.

Food of the Gods is a killer
(26 Feb 2010)
Rich ritual offerings blocked ancient Egyptian priests’ arteries

Was the great Pharaoh Ramesses II a true redhead?
(03 Feb 2010)
The University of Manchester is hosting a day school to discuss the scientific study of ancient Egyptian mummies, which will include the question, was the great Pharaoh Ramesses II a true redhead?

Saqqara mummy

Fabulous lives of the Pharaohs revealed in new book
(23 Jun 2009)
Egypt was the best place to live in the ancient world, according to ‘The Pharaohs’, a new book that gives a full but straightforward and colourful account of life there from 3100 BC to 30 BC.

Science books delve into Egyptian history
(27 Feb 2008)
Fans of the ancient Egyptians will be interested to know that University of Manchester Egyptologists have published two new books.

Egyptian Medicine
(03 May 2007)
Scientists are examining plant remains found in ancient Egyptian tombs in the Sinai to discover what plants and herbs they used as medicine.