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Faience Vessel with Procession of Four Bulls.

STUDY DAY: Ancient Egypt in Artefacts: Unexpected Highlights of the Manchester Museum

DATE: Saturday 11th February, 2017

PLACE: Kanaris Lecture Theatre, Manchester Museum

A study day presented by the KNH Centre and Egyptology Online in association with the Manchester Museum. Speakers to include Roger Forshaw, Glenn Godenho, Nicky Nielson, Campbell Price, Taneash Siddpura and Joyce Tyldesley.

The day comprises a series of presentations whose topics include: A Predynastic hippopotamus bowl; a Middle Kingdom burial assemblage from the Ramesseum; New Kingdom faience throw sticks from Serabit-el-Khadim; a 22nd Dynasty baboon statue of Iuwlot, and many more.

For booking and further information, please visit Egyptology Online's Events page.


The egyptian god, Ra.

EXHIBITION: Gifts for the Gods: Animal mummies revealed

DATE: 14 October 2016 - 26 February 2017

PLACE: World Museum, Liverpool

Find out more about our ground-breaking exhibition of over 60 animal mummies showing how modern science can help explain this ancient practice. Mummies of jackals, crocodiles, cats and birds are displayed alongside artefacts, art and never-seen-before archives documenting their history through the stories of the people who have investigated what lies within the wrappings.

For further details visit the Museum's Gifts for the Gods page.


Friday 5th August 2016 at Manchester Museum

Frozen Mammal Mummies, North and South: Michael R. Zimmerman, M.D., Ph.D.

Pathologist and mummy expert Michael Zimmerman talked about his work on the 21,000 year old frozen mummies of Alaskan animals from the American Museum of Natural History.


Saturday 13th February, 2016 at Manchester Museum

STUDY DAY: Meeting the Gods: Interactions between Mortals and the Divine

A study day presented by Egyptology Online in association with the KNH Centre and the Manchester Museum.

The day comprised a series of presentations whose topics included: Egypt's Queens: Royal or Divine; medicine and the healing deities; animals and the gods.


Saturday 14th November 2015 at Manchester Museum

STUDY DAY: Discovering Animal Mummies

A free day school hosted in collaboration with the Wellcome Trust looking at the role of animal mummies as votive offerings in ancient Egypt.


Saturday 14th February, 2015

STUDY DAY: From Amulets to Golden Flies: Understanding Egyptian Jewellery

A study day presented by Egyptology Online in association with the Manchester Museum and the KNH Centre. The day comprised a series of presentations whose topics included the history and manufacturing methods of ancient Egyptian jewellery, amulets and an in depth consideration of some individual pieces of well-known jewellery.


Monday 14th July and Tuesday 15th July 2014

SHORT COURSE: The History of Disease: Evidence from Ancient Egypt and Beyond.

A short series of lectures presented by Dr Michael R. Zimmerman M.D., Ph.D. on the identification of diseases in ancient mummified remains. The lectures will cover infectious diseases, cardiovascular diseases and cancer, and the course will include optional afternoon visits to the Egyptology collections in the Manchester Museum and to the KNH Centre for Biomedical Egyptology.



Saturday 10th May 2014

The Archaeology of Animals in Ancient Egypt

A day school organised by the Ancient Egyptian Animal Bio Bank Project, which focuses on animal mummies in their archaeological context and how imaging (photography, radiography and CT scanning) can be used to study animal mummies in museum collections and in the field.

The day will comprise short seminars and practicals, in addition to keynote lectures by guest speakers Professor Emeritus Don Brothwell, University of York, specialist in zooarchaeology, palaeoimaging and palaeopathology; and Mr John Wyatt, specialist in African birds and mammals and world-leading Ornitho-Egyptologist.

Contact: Lidija McKnight


Saturday 16th February 2013

Daughters of Isis: Women in Ancient Egypt

A study day organised by Egyptology Online, in association with the KNH Centre. Guest lecturers include Dr Campbell Price and Dr Glenn Godenho.


28 August 2012


Studying Mummies: Giving Life to a Dry Subject
Michael R. Zimmerman, M.D., Ph.D.

The Natural History Museum, London.


29 - 30 August 2012

WORKSHOP: Palaeopathology in Egypt and Nubia: A Century in Review

More about this workshop


Saturday, 11th February 2012

Mummies and Medicine: Investigating Health in Ancient Egypt

A Study Day presented by the KNH Centre for Biomedical Egyptology, The University of Manchester, in the Stopford Building, Oxford Road, Manchester.


Thursday 24th - Sunday 27th June 2010

The Second KNH Centre for Biomedical Egyptology and The Manchester Museum Summer School

A Summer School presented jointly by the KNH Centre for Biomedical Egyptology and the Manchester Museum, taught by experts from the Manchester Museum and The University of Manchester. The Summer School includes object handling sessions, a visit to the stores of the Manchester Museum, and a visit to the labs of the KNH Centre.

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